Our system (Toe2Toe Combatives) is a blend of both Kickboxing and JiuJitsu. The focus is on street self-defense. The application is universal (meaning it works well as a self-defense system and a competition system). Students will be expected to train hard, grow in knowledge and physical mastery, and perform in real-world situations. This will include testing attack and defense maneuvers with fellow students in a safe manner with gradually increasing force. Safety is the highest priority, but our program will include contact. You can expect to see students spar (punch and kick each other to practice real self-defense). You can expect to see students grapple (grab, throw, submit/tap out each other to practice real self-defense). This is how our instructors learned, and that is how they will teach.

The head instructor for Conway is Curtiss Robinson, a thirty-year Martial Arts veteran as well as a twenty-four-year Army combat veteran. Your instructor is well trained and ready to lead, teach, and mentor the technical and strategic aspects of Toe2Toe Combatives. He has a variety of notable achievements in full-contact Martial Arts culminating with training the US Army National Combatives Team. His goal is to bring out the best in every student. Physical, mental, and social development will take place under his instruction, but he is also a lot of fun to learn from.

Family-Friendly Program is designed for parents and their teens/kids to train together. It is an opportunity to build the family unit as well as learn self-defense. This program accepts kids ages 5–7 with adult supervision and ages 8–16 without adult supervision. This is still a very serious program with real-world applications, but it will be enjoyable for the whole family.

Adults Only Program is designed for mature teens and adults only. This is a combat class geared toward learning our system of Martial Arts that has been proven on the street. Time will not be wasted on pointless memorization of moves that look good but require interpretation as in traditional classes. Time will be spent learning how to apply power and speed to proper technique resulting in mastery of self. There are no age or gender limitations but come willing to work hard. If you have the heart, we will train you.

Kickboxing and JiuJitsu represent the two major aspects of modern Martial Arts. Kickboxing is a “standing art” that originated in Thailand (Muy Thai). It is composed of powerful punches, kicks, elbows, knees, and defensive techniques common to Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and other Asian arts but unique in instruction and application. It is very effective one-on-one as a self-defense art and has been very popular in full-contact events like MMA.

JiuJitsu is a “ground art” that originated in Japan (contrary to popular belief about Brazilian JiuJitsu being its own art) but has become more popular through the efforts of the Gracie family and many other Brazilian instructors who have proven successful in UFC/MMA events. It is focused on patience and control rather than speed and power. Techniques include throws, takedowns, arm locks, leg locks, and chokes, but the secret of this art is positioning! It has much in common with Wrestling, Judo, and Sambo sports, but JiuJitsu is a combat application.

Our disclaimer follows: We do not guarantee promotions in rank. There is no guarantee that every student will make a black belt. Promotions are based on merit alone! The best technicians learn quickly, but it is those with the heart (burning desire) who become warriors. We can only guarantee the opportunity. Everything else is up to the student.

Our promise follows: Students will receive the most effective training possible without a high risk of injury. Students will have every opportunity to face their fears, overcome their doubts, and grow into disciplined and focused technicians. Any student who puts for the effort will find their lives changed by the experience. We change lives through Martial Arts!

The glue that holds civilization together

We always want to know what to expect from people and organizations, and the best place to start values. The founder, Hachidan-Soke Matt Avant, is a humble and compassionate man, full of kindness and love for all. The second in command, Rokudan-Renshi Curtiss Robinson, is a determined and confident retired Army Veteran focused on integrity and honor in his approach. The following values have been adopted from both of these gentlemen:


It is when times are tough that we see who our true friends and allies are. Being faithful and reliable to others is the hallmark of loyalty.


Understanding others and stepping into their shoes long enough to truly feel what they feel (in good times and bad) makes us kind and compassionate.


We might not be able to control the situation or the people we deal with, but we can always choose our attitude. Having a good attitude doesn’t mean just putting on a smile when we are down. It really is changing how we think, feel, and act to enable the best outcome.


Being responsible and committed to getting things done is a rare thing in a world where people shirk their duties. We believe in getting things done right the first time without excuses and correcting mistakes/owning up to shortcomings when we don’t.


Life is hard, but all things are possible when we endure. There is a great need for physical, mental, and emotional endurance in life and no better place to train for it than in Martial Arts.


This value is always freely given, and constantly pursued. When we give all people our best, our genuine friendship, and even love in the form of respect, we can build powerful relationships. We seek ways to earn the respect of others through our attitudes, actions, and examples.

Selfless Service

We help others even if it means we give up something we want to do. We encourage this as a “pay it forward” lifestyle, and when we truly give with no expectation of reward, we change the world for the better.


Much like respect, we will honor others. We honor our family and friends with loyalty, empathy, duty, respect, and selfless service. We can live an honorable life with discipline and humility.


The very definition is to do what is right even when no one is looking. This is tied into honor and duty but stands alone as our own personal value that no one can take from us but one we can easily lose.

Personal Courage

The absence of fear is fearlessness, not courage. Having courage is acting even when faced with fear for the sake of all the values listed above. When faced with ridicule, peer pressure, or other manipulations from society, we must have the courage to stand up for our values and fight the good fight. We might not always have courage in abundance, but even a small measure will carry us when we call on it.