Advanced Firearms Training 1Learning how to safely and effectively employ your firearm in a real-world self-defense situation is often overlooked. The concealed carry license does not cover the fundamentals of marksmanship, drawing your firearm from the holster, combat reloading under stress, proper lateral movement, or any of the essential elements of survival in combat. Remember, the concealed handgun carry licensure training is just the tip of the iceberg. It is, in essence, a law class.

Defensive firearms training is an all-day shooting course. Expect to fire no less than 400 bullets over approximately eight hours. All training takes place at the range. This is an excellent course to increase confidence and skill with your firearm.

Weapon retention and shoot/no shoot training was designed for law enforcement and security agents. This program is essential for surviving at close range (grappling range). It is open to the public, as well as law enforcement and security agents, focusing on making space, drawing and firing at close range, and ground defense techniques. This is what happens if the reactionary gap (standoff range) is lost.

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