Anti Bullying Classes 1What does it take to change a bully into a respectful and humble human being?

The answer is simple…values.

We move young, often angry, teens/adults away from bad habits rooted in bullying into a new world of respect, humility, and courage.

Bullying is a symptom of a poor environment, which could include: gang membership, abuse from others, low self-esteem, and ultimately living in FEAR. Changing that environment starts with a safe environment to explore change.

Where does an abused kid live?
The answer is fear.

Where does a gang member live?
The answer is fear.

Where does poor behavior originate?
The answer is fear.

It might seem like a bully acts fearlessly, but in truth, all bullies fear humiliation having been dominated by others in a cycle of victim to bully to victim over time. We help them conquer that fear with courage.

It might seem like disrespect is the problem, but once we establish courage, the defense mechanism (of disrespect) is no longer required to survive. Respect can take hold and become the dominant choice. Self-respect is first. Respect for others is second, and ultimately respect for the law follows.

Anti Bullying Classes 2How is all of that possible?
We provide an outlet for anger on a heavy bag (kickboxing). We provide an outlet for suppressed emotion to be released on well-trained grapplers (Jiu-Jitsu). We provide opportunities to see that being dominated by bigger, stronger, and better-trained individuals is humiliating, but respect can be established with those individuals when we defend well, resist well, and begin to grow as a team. It is only when we overcome our own fear of injury, humiliation, and admitting weaknesses that we can grow.

In short, tough kids need an environment where they can see firsthand that they cannot always dominate others, but they can find mutual respect and even fellowship among other tough kids and trainers who will coach them into a better way.

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