Conway AR Armed Self Defense Class

The difference between armed and unarmed combat is undeniable. Once a firearm or edged weapon is introduced into the equation, both parties increase their risk of death exponentially.

If you are one of the good guys who choose not to carry a firearm or a knife in self-defense then this course is for you. Our goal will be to understand how to control the adversary’s weapon and avoid the business end of it. The real risk is that a simple mistake could result in an injury, while a critical mistake could result in death in a real-life situation. The only reasonable alternative is to train regularly and decisively. A consistent reliable technique is the best defense. We will train you.

If you are one of the good guys who choose to carry a firearm or a knife then this course is also for you. FBI statistics indicate that the weapon closest to you is the one most likely to cause you harm or death. That includes your firearm and your knife. Our company is dedicated to instructing self-defense in the form of weapon retention and close range implementation to avoid losing control of your weapon. in most cases, the advantage is yours, as an armed defender. We want you to maintain that advantage. Consistent results from high-quality training is the answer.

Topics include:

  • Armed combat at long range
  • Armed combat at close range
  • Clenching and grappling with a weapon
  • Fighting on the ground with a weapon retention
  • The psychology of combat

This is a 4-hour seminar.
The seminar is by appointment only.
There is a $400 minimum cost which can be shared by up to 10 individuals.
Any group over 10 people will require a $40 per person fee.

Call/text for your appointment at 501-515-4788.