What makes Toe2Toe different/special?

Most martial arts organizations teach either karate (standing arts) or Jiu-jitsu (grappling arts). Toe2Toe teaches a blended martial art that encompasses both, and it is our customer service that makes us special.

Does Toe2Toe teach a sport/competitive style or a true self-defense style?

Most kids and teens enjoy the sport aspects so we help our students learn what to do in the ring, but there can be no doubt that our focus is heavy in self-defense. We ensure all students can really defend themselves. We discuss awareness, respect, and verbal methods to avoid conflict, as well as effective techniques that work consistently against bullies, assailants, and predators.

How fast can I (or my child) progress in rank?

We love to hear this question and we encourage mastery of skills, which is measured by rank promotions, but the real answer is always, “that depends on how often the student trains in class and practices at home.” High school is about four years in most cases. College is another four years. If a student trains at home and makes all classes, we see advancements every two to three months, and for those who put in the time, a black belt takes about four years.

Can you train a person who has a handicap, physical disadvantage, or weight problem?

Absolutely! We help all students work at their pace with strong encouragement and a focus on overcoming all challenges in life—physical, mental, and emotional. ADHD, obesity, learning problems, and even limited vision have been overcome by our students. We find their strengths and maximize them, while working through weaknesses that we all have.

Is this one of those MMA/cage-fighting programs?

We have had several students train with us and then go on to compete in full-contact kickboxing, submission wrestling, and even professional MMA events, but less than 1 percent of our students have that desire. We train all students in basic essentials of self-defense including kicking, punching, blocking, movement, throws, takedowns, arm/leg locks, and the associated escapes. Our instructors will ensure your goals are set and attainable. If a little fitness and self-defense is all you want, then we will accommodate you. If you choose to move into amateur or professional competition, we can help with that as well.

How can I be certain this is a good program with the right values, skills, and training for me (or my child)?

There is only one way. Come try us out for a few classes. If you like it, we will be glad to continue your training. If you decide this isn’t the right fit, there is no obligation to sign up. Most students love us, and those who choose not to train with us still have our respect for trying us out.

What about cost? Most places are charging $75–$150 per month!

Cost is always a factor. We have great instructors, professional equipment, professional insurance, and like any business we must charge a fair rate to keep the doors open. The best way to compare prices between Toe2Toe and other schools is to look at price per hour of training. If a school is charging $75 for a month but only meeting one time per week for one hour, then the cost is $18.75 for each of the four classes. That is a bit pricey, but common. At Toe2Toe, we keep prices at about $12 per training hour. If you train two times per week for four weeks, then you pay about 8X12=$96 per month. If you train more you pay more, but we give great family discounts and we always consider each student on a case-by-case basis.

What about injuries and accidents? Is it dangerous?

Martial arts is a contact sport. We teach students how to hit the heavy bag long before we allow them to spar (train with contact). We teach students to fall long before we teach them to throw or do takedowns. We practice slowly to learn safely and work up in intensity and speed. The simple answer is this: our students take falls, defend punches and kicks, and learn how to really defend themselves on the street and there is only one way to do that—safely and with contact. Being supervised closely and training safely mitigates risk, but we have the occasional bump and bruise. We have an excellent track record of avoiding any injury that would require loss of time at work or school.

Can I look at reviews or leave one to see what other people are saying?

Yes, please leave a review of our facility, staff, or training on Google + or Facebook. Reviews are very helpful and give a little more information on a personal level from our clients. Click the links below.

How can I get started?

The best way is to make a phone call to set an appointment. Our helpful staff will walk you through registration and answer all of your questions. You can also e-mail us and we will reply with information you need to register.