Junior Kickboxing

Martial Arts designed for your kids!

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Conway Junior Kickboxing Classes for All Skill Levels
Ages 4 and Up

Junior Kickboxing at Toe2Toe Conway is Thai in origin and uses techniques from Muay Thai. In this program, our instructors will focus on simple and effective techniques utilizing four each of basic punches, kicks, and blocks to build foundational muscle memory and strength. In addition, our program will use movement to help build up strength and confidence in techniques and using them, so your child will learn quickly and effectively. Because these classes are fast-paced and exciting, the classes are fun and easy for all ages and skill levels, and these skills are useful in real life for self-defense. As your child progresses through the program, they’ll be able to quickly see results within just a few classes,too.

Benefits of Junior Kickboxing at Toe2Toe Conway: 

  • All skill levels welcome!
  • Classes are provided in groups, so socializing is encouraged
  • Kids of all ages are welcome!
  • Your child will learn self defense skills for additional safety
  • Help your child stay fit and feeling strong as they grow
  • Your kids will gain confidence in everyday life
  • Kida can even practice from home with our YouTube videos!

Kickboxing for kids is a contact sport. At Toe2Toe, we focus on creating a safe and secure environment for all of our students, and we pride ourselves on our excellent track record for safety. With that in mind, sparring is necessary for advancement within the kickboxing program, and there is a likelihood of bumps and bruises occurring. This is part of learning and strengthening the body within martial arts! 

All children in our junior classes are monitored closely for safety and form, so you can rest assured that they are safe. If you have any questions about safety or the program, please feel free to reach out to us directly.

Round Out Your Child’s Martial Arts Education

When it comes to martial arts, skills are grown by learning more about the skills and techniques and building on what you have learned. This is why pairing multiple martial arts together helps create a more well-rounded martial arts knowledge and skill set. To help each and every student build up a comprehensive understanding of martial arts, we recommend that your child pair our kids kickboxing program with the kids jiu-jitsu program! By learning both skills at the same time, your child will be able to understand martial arts, physical movements, and self defense in multiple contexts and it will help them grow into a more skilled athlete. Both of our courses are designed for all ages and skill levels, so if your child is more advanced in the junior kickboxing course than the junior jiu-jitsu, that’s no problem! Learn more about the Junior Jiu-Jitsu program in Conway by clicking here.  

At Toe2Toe, we’re committed to helping every student of every age and skill level gain confidence, learn self defense, and become a well-rounded athlete. Call us today to learn more about our programs, or visit our Join page and schedule a trial class today!

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