Teens and adults fall into the more street-smart self-defense program. This population is typically ages thirteen to forty-five, although we have had a few younger (when weight is over 100 lbs.) and a few older (any age is welcome). This is a co-ed program that is designed to help both male and female students understand what it “feels like” to use the punches, kicks, throws, and joint locks against someone their size, as well as those who are not their size. Although a little nervous at first, all of our students soon gain confidence as they learn that it is more important where you strike than how you strike or even how hard you hit. The same holds true for executing appropriate throws and takedowns based on size rather than trying to use the one size fits all approach. This program will have techniques common to kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu.


Street Smart Self Defense Strategies and Drill Work

Street-Smart Self-Defense 1


  1. Understanding distance and using range to avoid/evade or engage with kicks/punches
  2. Closing the gap for counter attacks and moving into the clinch
  3. Striking from close range (Knees, elbows, and clinching to throw)
  4. Throws and takedowns that set up a dominant ground position
  5. Advancing to better ground positions (Escapes and Sweeps)
  6. Striking from ground positions
  7. Arm locks
  8. Leg locks
  9. Head and Neck submissions
  10. Improvised weapons and self-defense equalizers