Tai Chi

Best Fitness for Folks over 50 and Appropriate for Seniors over 80!

I turned 50 in 2021, and it seemed my warrantee ran out. I developed aches and pains that I never had before. Most of them were joint related, but even my typically strong muscles were now achier than before. As a lifelong martial artist, I wondered if my time for training was over. I wondered if I was destined to simply coach from the sidelines.

My good friend Ray Ferrell is about ten years older than I am. He had similar issues ten years ago and even had hip replacement surgery. When I asked him if he was still training, he said, “Absolutely.” Apparently, he has been doing Tai Chi for years, and he has found it to be both challenging and helpful with his fitness over age 60. I was skeptical. I started researching Tai Chi.

Did you know that Tai Chi has been growing worldwide into a life-changing health system for people age 50 and older? Did you know that seniors well over age 80 are enjoying Tai Chi as part of their daily fitness routine? Google it and be amazed.

So exactly what is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is an internally focused martial art. It is well over 3,000 years old. Its origin was in China during the Zhou Dynasty, circa 1100 BC. It has over 300 million practitioners today. It is an ancient system of fighting, but it has become a health- and fitness-focused method in modern times. It is centered on slow movements and balance (something Americans over age 50 need). It is low impact and safe for individuals with arthritis, blood pressure concerns, and heart problems.

What do you need to try a class?

Call/text us at 501-515-4788 to try out a free week of classes. No charge and no strings attached to try out Tai Chi. If you love us and love the program, we ask for $10/class. We can also set up recurring charges for convenience. We are located at 807 Bill Dean Drive, Conway Arkansas. Join today.

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