WHY Martial Arts?

Can you physically defend yourself? Are you capable of defending a loved one if they were being physically assaulted? Most people can’t, or falsely believe they can. In most attacks, a person doesn’t have enough time to draw a weapon – if they’re even carrying. Quickly an attack can become a life or death situation if your attacker realizes you are armed and they start trying to access your weapon. Unless you know how to use your hands and body, you can quickly become a statistic. Toe 2 Toe is the premier martial arts school in Conway Arkansas. Our focus is on guiding you through your journey of building skills and confidence that will transform your life.


At its core, martial arts is a self-defense art. But more than that it promotes a total transformation of mind and body. Practicing martial arts strengthens your mind and body. Your strength and conditioning improve. Your mind becomes sharp. You gain discipline that influences other areas in your life where you’re lacking. In the process, you discover a level of confidence you never imagined possible, and form friendships that last a lifetime.

Is Toe 2 Toe Right For You?

People recognized Toe 2 Toe as the go-to place for martial arts in Conway, AR. Whether you’re looking for self-defense classes in Conway, AR, Kickboxing classes in Conway, AR, or just looking to get in shape and make new friends in a fun environment Toe 2 Toe is for you.

I loved the class, I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect, I left the class feeling confident and proud of myself!! Thank you for your patience and for the energy to help me through this process!!
Elizabeth Hawkins
We have worked with Toe 2 Toe in Conway in a few different ways.My children are in the children's kickboxing class. They love it!! They look forward to going every time and I like how they get out energy in a safe way.My husband also took a class with Curtis for gun safety. He was very professional and informative. Curtis patiently answered all questions thoroughly.Curtis is a great instructor! Well worth the investment. 😁
Emily Feist
These folks are great! We’ve used them for all sorts of things. Jennifer and Curtiss are both very knowledgeable and are quick to help and answer questions. Whether you’re looking to get in shape, learn how to defend yourself, or are just looking for tips on how to feel better, I highly recommend Toe2Toe.
Adam Dyer
Toe2Toe is amazing! They spent a whole week teaching my students at Ellen Smith self defense. They went above and beyond. Even allowed the students to throw them. I would recommend them anytime to any age.
Steven Moore
Very Very VERY Professional & Highly Satisfied I’m overly Confident in my Teachings
Lowend Leek
Excellent training facility experience staff highly recommended
Johnny Hooper, GRI
The Team did a class for our kids ranged from 8-11 on self defense and they all loved it! They really know how to reach the children at there level and prepare them for stranger danger. I was so impressed with how they have the kids show respect and listen. Great company and would highly recommend to hire them for this class.
Amanda Lynn
Mr Curtis is a true gem. Thank you for making this class fun, exciting & easy.
Elonda King
Toe 2 Toe is absolutely great! From the minute you walk through the door, you receive a warm welcome. Having zero experience in martial arts, Curtiss, his team, and other students made me feel right at home. I can already feel my confidence building after just a couple of lessons. If you’re looking for practical martial arts, self defense, and the feeling of being welcome, Toe 2 Toe is the way to go!
Cody Arnold
Toe2Toe is a fantastic place to learn the skills of martial arts among other things. They were also extremely helpful in lending the students of UCA their location for a graduate thesis film shot and released in 2020 during the pandemic. All of the staff were very understanding as well as informative when it came to on set safety while doing choreographed stunts. I would 11/10 recommend their services!
Maverick Knox
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The feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or skills. In Martial Arts this is knowing what to do, when to do it, and how to utilize self-defense. It also translates into self-esteem at work, in relationships, and in the presence of strangers. It is the core advantage every student gains with hard work and discipline.


The act of using any available means to reduce or escape harm. In Martial Arts this includes, but is not limited to, leaving the area, talking your way out of bad situations, using “stun and run” tactics, employing improvised or modern weapons, and lastly engaging in physical confrontation until help arrives, the enemy is incapacitated, or escape is possible. At Toe2Toe in Conway, AR our students have options and make good choices to avoid conflict. They also have the ability to resolve conflict using techniques and skills learned under our guidance.


Conway’s Toe2Toe Martial Arts isn’t just a place to work out like the local gym. It is a place to make lifelong friendships with other good natured people like you. There is a true brotherhood here where we can show trust and respect without fear of rejection. We help each other, have fun together, and even watch out for one another.